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Lego Birthday Party


QUIZ: What can my son {and probably yours} spends hours and hours on end playing… LEGOS!!

So it was no surprise when he wanted to have a LEGO birthday party this year.  I loved putting this party together because it was so easy!  First, my son thought up about 20 game ideas he said we MUST do.  Which is my favorite part of legos, he is creating!  He didn’t disappoint with creating some fun lego inspired games.  Of course Mom’s know best of what will work with a bunch of boys at a birthday party so we did our best and collaborated together!

Here is the party we put together.  If you like it, please pin it.  If you want to purchase any of the printable items they are in my SHOP.

Lego Party-23

It starts with the invitation!  I went with a more classic lego looking theme but still incorporated a little of everything lego that kids love, like the movie {“Everything is Awesome”} and specific characters they love from StarWars to Harry Potter.

Lego Party-19a

I love creating a party where all guests feel like they are a BIG part of the Party!

Lego Party-52

As the boys walked in we gave them a “passport” of sorts to wear around their neck.  I told them that they were on a quest to become MASTER BUILDERS.  In order to do this they must complete “master builder tasks”.  Once completed they would receive a lego piece {sticker} to put on their passport.  When all the empty spots on their passport were filled with lego pieces they would then be a master builder and receive a reward {thank you bag}

Lego Party-40

Lego Party-51

I just printed the little lego pieces on a sheet of sticker paper and cut them up.

Lego Party-43

With each game completed they would get their sticker.

Lego Party-50

The first task was to Design a lego man.  You can get these blank sheets online for free.

Lego Party-42 Lego Party-45

Next they needed to Guess how many legos were in the jar.  I did CANDY legos but you could fill any glass jar or bucket with normal legos and it would be just as fun.  I gave the winner to this game a box of legos.

Lego Party-26

Lego Bingo was another task we completed!  They Loved identifying all their favorite characters from the Lego Movie and other well known movies in which lego has now made  lego characters. The competition was heated and they wished we had time to play it over and over again!

Lego Party-56

Lego Pop was another favorite! Break off into teams, pop the balloons, gather all the lego pieces, stack them and BAM you’re done!

Lego Party-17 Lego Party-49

If this is tricky for you, tips… blow the balloon up without the lego’s in it to really stretch the balloon.  Then stick 3 legos in the unblown balloon {that’s all i could fit without ripping the balloon}.  Blow up the balloon, tie and don’t play with it until the party.

Lego Party-15

I didn’t grab photos of the other signs that go with the games but hear they are…

Lego Tower Race, we set a timer for 2 minutes and the boys tried to build the highest – stand alone tower.  We did this a couple times because the boys couldn’t handle loosing and wanted to try over and over to get the highest tower.

Lego Party-48   Lego Party-47

Lego Relay Race

We divided into two teams to complete a fun relay.  I had two big buckets full of legos.  They had to fill a cup with as many legos, run to the other end of the room where there was a large laundry basket they dumped them in.  They repeated that portion until all the legos from the bucket made it to the laundry basket.  The next portion of the relay was to divide the legos into color groups.  First team to complete = WINNER.

Lego Party-53 IMG_2848

Lego Memory

A classic game but always so much fun, especially with a wide variety of lego pieces.  They wanted to play this one over and over too.

Lego Party-18

Then there is the all important food table!

Lego Party-35

I kept it cute and simple.  Cake is a must! We did cupcakes, cookies, popcorn, marshmellow lego heads & water.

I have the banner, water wraps, cupcake toppers, lego pop labels & Thank you tags in my shop. {Which I think complete a party and make all the finishing touches, Perfection!}

Lego Party-39

Lego Party-14

Lego Party-10

Lego Party-25

Lego Party-13

Lego Party-12

The thank you bags say “Thanks for making my birthday AWESOME”

Lego Party-11

Here is a little “HOW TO” make the Lego head marshmellow pops!

Lego Party-3 Lego Party-2


BIG Campfire Marshmallows

Regular sized Marshmallows

Almond Bark

Skewer Sticks

Black Frosting

Lego Party-4 Lego Party-7

Take all the Regular sized Mallows and cut them in half.

Take a LARGE mallow and stick it on the skewer, then top it off with a regular sized one.

Lego Party-5

Lego Party-8

Once they are all ready to go.  Warm up your almond bark and put food coloring in it.

This was the first yellow I tried… I hated it so I went to the store later and got a neon yellow which gave me the lego yellow I was looking for.

Lego Party-1

Dip it in the almond bark.  If it doesn’t come out smooth You can take a regular marshmallow and gently run it around the edges smoothly and that should smooth it out if you are having difficulty.  Remember you need to work fast!  The chocolate hardens quickly.

I stuck my sticks in foam while they dried.  Then I added the happy little lego smile with black frosting.

Lego Party-6  Lego Party-5 Lego Party-9Lego Party-11


All the printable are in my SHOP here or on ETSY.  My kit includes a few more games and I’m always happy to change the game signs if you think of something new and fun! Just let me know.

Thank you for stopping by.


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Bowling Party

Bowling Collage

My daughter is the girl who loves and appreciates a good party, like her momma.  She also likes to be her own girl = {not do a party that has been done before}.  She likes to be DIFFERENT!  I have to say when she said she wanted a bowling party, I thought… yep thats not your normal summer party!  I didn’t know how I was going to make it cute, fun & different.  But give me some time and we can make the magic happen.

Who knew BOWLING could be so cute!
If you like any of the ideas and would like to purchase printable visit my SHOP where you can find everything you see in the pictures!
Bowling Collage
A good party always starts with a good invitation!
“Roll on over there’s no time to spare we’re going Birthday Bowling! Riley wants you there!”
Girl Invitation
Now comes the fun… How can I incorporate the Bowling “Lingo” into fun treats and party favors. The girls were super cute and found everything so cleaver.  They love this kind of stuff at this age.

I know gutter balls. These are my kind of  GUTTER BALLS!  They are what we call “Oreo Bombs” on a stick.

36 Oreos {crushed}
1 pkg cream cheese
Dipping Chocolate

Mix oreos & cream cheese together until blended. Roll in balls. Chill in Fridge until harden a bit. Then put stick in and dip in chocolate. Refrigerate at least one hour or until ready to serve.

Chocolate Pudding SHOOTERS

Cupcakes are always a must – I guess we can SPARE some.

A fun LANE of bowling ball lollipops!

And just because they are too cute not to have…”Balls in the fast lane”. Colored Sixlets are always a good way to incorporate colors in a party!

IncrediBOWL Water with cute bowling graphic wraps!
Now for the Party Favors…
“Thanks for SPARING the time to make my Party incrediBOWL!”
Lip BALLm! I couldn’t resist getting these cute EOS chapsticks! Looks just like a bowling ball!
What is more fun then a little friendly competition when bowling.  When the girls arrived we gave them different colors of shirts.  Hot Pink vs Pretty Pink.  The girls loved it!  The shirts said “This is how we ROLL!” Then we put their name on the back of the shirt.

Another fun thing I did to make the Bowling experience more exciting was during the second round I gave each of the girls a card that said silly things to do each frame.  Ex: Frame 1-bowl like a grandma, Frame 2- bowl backwards…. They had fun and it brought out the silliness in the girls for sure!

BowlingParty-95 BowlingParty-97

And mom’s know it’s all in the details so here are some of the details…The Cake!  I went clean, classic and simple on the cake but I kind of love it.  If bowling isn’t about the trophy I don’t know what it’s about!?!?!  So I thought it would be cute to have that be the centerpiece of the table and cake for that matter.  I did a white fondant cake, lined it with ribbon, {this wasn’t edable but I know there is edible looking ribbon out there if you want} added some big pink gum balls around the edge and topped it with a cheap plastic trophy! Easy but Cute!


The background is just wrapping paper! Easy & cheap but adds a nice touch!  I actually had these big bowling pins that my kids received for christmas one year.  You can find them at ToysRUs for about $18!  They are huge and fun when your done using them as decor!  I did take the red tape off and added pink tape to match.  I love creating the graphic extras that really add to the party; cupcake toppers, water wraps, food labels, banners, flags & favor tags!  Its all in the details! I’ve made them available along with the invite,  graphic for shirts & game cards in my SHOP!

***Now available in Classic Colors {Red, White, Black & Turquoise}













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Skylander Birthday Party

My son is beyond obsessed with the game Skylanders.  He requested a Skylanders birthday party 6 months in advance, and talked about it everyday… FOR 6 MONTHS.  So like any good mom I decided maybe I should pay attention to what this whole Skylanders thing is all about.


If you are as lost as I was, let me fill you in!  You have the Portal and then you have the figurings.  Once you put the figures on the portal they come to life in the game.  {collecting the characters is part of the fun, the more you have the more players you can be in the game}  Your child is the “Portal Master”.  The Portal Master saves Skylands from Kaos {the bad guy} by rebuilding the Core of Light using the eight Eternal Sources.  And lastly, each character is aligned with an element; Magic, Water, Tech, Fire, Earth, Life, Air and Undead.


With 8 skylander elements it is a no brainer to play 8 fun games.  My goal in creating these games was to make them FUN for the kids, easy planning/prep time for mom {who had 3 other birthdays in our family in the same month!}  & incorporate a character with each element.  Done & Done.



Each Boy got a “Passport” to wear.  As we accomplished each challenge they received a punch.  Once all elements were punched and the Core of Light was restored they were rewarded.


As you can imagine they took this responsibility seriously and LOVED keeping track of what was coming next.


MY FAVORITE {and theirs}  Magic – Pop Fizz – Make Pop Fizz


{I found these cute glass jars at the dollar store and thought it would be fun for each kid to do their own magic.  However it didn’t work out!  You can’t play with the soda that much, it lets out too much carbonation or something???  So, I would suggest you stick to the original soda container!}


Quickly drop one or two mentos in the bottle {right after you open it} and step back quickly if you don’t want to be squirted on!

sky-34 sky-35


It really is crazy to watch!  I would suggest everyone do it just for fun!  Take some mentos to your next BBQ and slip ’em in the soda :)

Fire – Hot Head – “Hey I’m on Fire” 

Have kids pair up and give them a water balloon (magic oil, like hot head).  Have them stand close together and pass the water balloon.  Every time they catch it successfully they take a step back.  Have them see how far apart they can get without dropping the magic oil and catching on fire (getting wet)




Tech – Trigger Happy – “No Gold No Glory”

Hide as many gold coins around house or yard.  Tell the kids to go find as many as they can in a certain amount of time.  Easy…but they love it!



By this point I was glad my older daughter wanted to help.  She was a life saver helping be the puncher!


Life – Stump Smasher – Smash’n Trolls 

Tie the blown up balloon to a piece of yarn.  Then tie the other end of the yarn to the child’s leg.  Each child will have a string tied to one leg with a balloon at the end of it.  Tell the children to try to “smash” or pop the others balloons while protecting their own.  They love it and it is hilarious to watch.



Undead – Eye Brawl – Pin the EYE

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic.  My husband suggested this one!  You got to go back to your childhood and throw in some classic birthday party games!

DSC_5842 copy


Earth – Crusher – Rock Crusher

Basically you are going to freeze toys into a block so that the kids can “crush”  the ice block to get the toy out. You could use something as small as ice trays to something as large as a baking sheet.  I did individual sized blocks out of mini bread pans.  I would suggest freezing a little water, then add the toy with a little more water, then when that is frozen you can add more water and more toys if you’d like.



Water – Gill Grunts – Sheep Blast

I got this idea from someone…but of course I can’t find the link to give her the credit. Your going to need some “sheep” for this one! Blow up the white balloons. If you want to designate a “sheep pin” use string or rope.  Or just designate a beginning and end.  Have the kids shoot the sheep with their guns and get the sheep to the other end of the pin.   You can have the kids work in teams or individually, both work great!




Air – Sonic Boom – Candle Blowing, Sonic Boom Style

Have guests sing happy birthday and the birthday child blow those candles out “sonic boom style”




And can I just say this was the EASIEST cake I’ve ever made.  I kind of look forward to the challenge of making the cakes my kids request for their birthdays. I had looked on Pinterest etc for ideas of a “Skylanders” cake.  Everyone did a portal cake.  Which was cool but too dark for me.  I need a little pop of color in my life!  I saw something similar to this somewhere and I liked how I could incorporate so many characters so well.  {if you haven’t seen anything skylanders…this kind of looks like their world, the land {green layer} and sky {blue layer}


After the boys had all their passports full we sat down and showed off our Skylander knowledge with a game of Skylander Bingo.


Can I say this is what it is all about…  Who can find the characters the fastest!  The wealth of knowledge that is shared while playing this is hilarious! {and quite impressive}


Lastly their take home favor and reward for finishing their passports was a Element Box.


Kids love having their OWN things to organizing! If your kids are like mine they carry a favor like this around for weeks!


I have to tell you one of the most genius ideas my friend gave me.  She once sent my kids a tackle box like this in the mail with candy.  My kids thought it was the coolest thing. {So funny that when small things come in cute packages we love them that much more!!…it’s all about the presentation!}  We were headed out of town the next day so I told my kids lets wait and eat it in the car.  Then in the car I told them we could pick a square to eat every hour.  They thought it was so fun!  I don’t think a car ride has gone faster!  I have passed the love on to some of our guests who stay at our house and have a long ride ahead of them.


The boxes are easy to find! I have purchased them at the dollar store, Walmart and any craft store! You can find them in the craft section or even the fishing/hardware section.  { Sometimes it’s easier to find a 7 section container…if you look closely there is one larger section but I hand longer sized candy so it worked well & the kids didn’t notice because I labeled 8 sections}


The Candy Table.


Decisions, decisions, decisions….






I think I did it! Easy and FUN! I counted how many items I needed to purchase to play all 8 games… 10 items! And I got them all at one store. That is my kind of party.  Ah…. until next year.

I have had so many people ask me to personalize the items I made I have put them in my SHOP.